Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

WeProspect.co is committed to protecting clients’ personal information and credentials. With due regard, the corporation introduces new and updated policy statements occasionally as and when new products & services are developed and new technologies are deployed. On 25th May 2018, the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) launched by the EU replaced the prevailing 1995 European Data Protection Directive. Due to advancements in the digital era and the introduction of GDPR, we’ve come up with a more comprehensive version of our privacy laws, modernized to resonate with today’s fast-paced data-driven world.

Please read the subsequent Privacy Policy carefully. This Privacy Policy explains WeProspect.co’s (we, us, or our) strategic approach toward the gathering, use, disclosure, and transfer of the users’ information by the corporate. It summarizes the varied ways we acquire and treat your Data when you access, visit, and/or use the Service. It also governs the Data that we may acquire offline. This Privacy Policy doesn’t cover information collected on sites, applications, destinations, or services linked to the Service that we don’t own or control.


• Collection and Use of data

WeProspect.co is involved in the process of assessing the viability of new goods or services through research conducted directly with the consumer. This practice allows our customers to get the target market and record opinions and other inputs from consumers regarding interest in the product. The corporation collects quantitative market data through research and interviews, and thus, the info may fluctuate due to changes in market dynamics. It’s not responsible for any false or misleading information provided by users or manufacturers.

We collect the data which is extensively, but not limited to, your basic, personal, and navigational information. Once you register for our services or newsletters, you’re requested to provide your personal information, like name, and email, and get in touch with details. This information is stored temporarily together with your consent to improve the website–user experience. Also, once you purchase any entity through our website, the specified credentials will be stored on the secure servers and systems owned and managed by WeProspect.co

• Information Collected by Automated Means

As you browse our website, we may automatically collect some of your information. Automatically collected information may include usage details, unique browser identifiers, IP addresses, and knowledge collected through cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies. We may also use these technologies to collect information about your online activities (operational data, location data, logs and other communication data) over time and on third-party websites or other online services (ie, behavioral tracking). This information helps us improve our website and provide a much better and more personalized service.

• Cookie policy

A cookie can be a text file that a web browser stores on your computer with your permission. It helps analyze online traffic or lets you know when you visit a particular website. We use cookies to administer the website, store visitor preferences and record session information to help us improve the site’s responsiveness to our users.

A cookie does not necessarily give us any access to your files on your computer or to any information other than the data you choose to share with us. You can accept or decline cookies by selecting the appropriate option in the dialog box that appears when you visit the website. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies, but if you prefer, you can usually adjust your browser settings to refuse cookies. However, this may prevent you from fully enjoying the website.

Based on the data obtained from cookies, we are ready to direct our visitors to new areas that might interest them. It also helps us customize the site’s content based on the visitor’s browser type or other information the visitor submits and ensures that the same banner ad is not sent to the user repeatedly.

• Compliance with privacy laws

WeProspect.co is committed to respecting users’ right to confidentiality. We comply with all current government laws and regulations and recognize our obligation to continually update and expand our measures to keep up with the requirements of the newly introduced GDPR. Read about GDPR compliance here.

We also maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards regarding the collection, retention and disclosure of private information (including sensitive personal information).

• Disclaimer

The company takes the utmost care to ensure that the information provided on the website is relevant and accurate. However, it makes no guarantees, undertakings or representations as to the authenticity of the content on the website. We shall not be liable if the client suffers any loss or damage as a result of using the information on the website.

The Company’s website contains certain links that take you to third party websites. However, it is not responsible for and does not manage any control over the content on the website. Our security practices mean that we may occasionally ask for proof of identity before we share personal information with you.

• Copyright notice

The content of the company’s website is protected by copyright law – all rights reserved.

The client may print or download extracts from the web-site for personal use only. They should not use any material stored on any medium except for subsequent viewing and personal use.

Any resale, publication, loan or reproduction of the Service or Publication may only be made with the prior written consent of WeProspect.co

Transmission and/or reproduction of any part of the website, by any means or in any form (whether by copying, mechanical, electronic, recording or otherwise) is prohibited without prior written consent.

• Policy changes

The Company may occasionally come up with a new and updated Statement of Policy by posting a revised version of the Statement on the Website. Please check this page frequently to check for any policy changes.


GDPR Policy


• Introduction

Technocrats are creating, capturing, and processing enormous amounts of data about people, their locations, and products or services in the data-driven world around us. Integrating important concepts and principles into our established data management policies is urgently required.

As of May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been implemented throughout the European Union to address the key issues. Data governance, data processing activities, and data compliance (who owns, uses, and protects it) must be defined in a world reshaped by data. Therefore, every business that processes, stores, or collects personal data ought to take measures to ensure compliance.

By replacing the numerous national data protection laws that are currently in place with a single, unified set of rules, the GDPR was developed to meet the demands of the digital age. The new Regulation seeks to standardize EU data protection regulations and practices, granting individuals more robust and consistent access to and control over their personal information.

• Our Commitment to Compliance

Our Commitment to Compliance WeProspect.co (also known as “we,” “us,” or “our”) is committed to maintaining high standards of information security, data privacy, and transparency, as well as to managing data in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). WeProspect.co recognizes the need for a consistent and complaint-free data protection policy and the importance of our customer’s success. We have always been committed to protecting users’ personal information under our control. However, we are aware of our responsibilities to continuously update and expand this program to meet GDPR requirements.

Preparing for the GDPR, the GDPR imposes new regulations on organizations located anywhere in the European Union (EU), including those that provide goods and services to EU residents or collect and analyze data about EU residents.

• When preparing for GDPR, WeProspect.co focuses on the following aspects:

– Adding enhanced personal privacy rights to the policies, procedures, and controls already in place for security and business continuity management to guarantee compliance.

– Conducting gap and privacy assessments to support GDPR compliance for its customers, with significant penalties for noncompliance and mandatory breach reporting.

– Increased responsibility for data security, the creation of compliance plans, and the creation of a more secure platform for customers by taking control of their data and evaluating their deployment options.

– providing services that assist customers in comprehending and preparing for GDPR.

– Making modifications to each of our data contracts to meet the GDPR’s additional requirements.

– Assessing how long we keep and store data while working toward the implementation of a specialized erasure procedure to comply with the new Right to Erasure obligation. The company is very aware of when the rights of this and other data subjects apply; together with any exemptions, response times, and notification obligations.

– Encouraging employees to learn about the GDPR’s expanded data rights. All employees, whether in sales or security, must be aware of significant changes like the removal of charges for responding to subject access requests.

– Improving processes and safeguards to protect, encrypt, and preserve the data’s integrity, particularly concerning international data transfers and third-party disclosures.

– Changing the procedures for recording consent so that we can prove an affirmative opt-in by keeping records of the time and date; and a simple method to revoke consent at any time.

More importantly, customers must adapt their business processes, data management practices, and integrations to comply with compliance, which is a shared responsibility between the company and its customers. WeProspect.co’s determined team wants to give their clients the ability to choose who has access to what data in each domain or branch. This ensures that inappropriate access and use are prevented. We guarantee that our clients will continue to be the sole owners of the data and will keep all rights, titles, and interests in the data that is stored on the system. To meet its GDPR obligations regarding deletion, rectification, transfer, access, and objection to the processing of personal data, the company takes the necessary steps to ensure that its customers can take advantage of the service’s built-in features.

• We leave no stone unturned, be it technical or organizational

Regarding the privacy and security of the personal information of users, Leaving No Stone Unturned, Be It Technical or Organizational WeProspect.co provides very insightful information. To safeguard and secure the personal data we process, our company takes every reasonable measure. We have multiple layers of security measures and robust information security policies and procedures to safeguard personal data from unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or destruction. Employee training, data encryption during storage and transit, a password policy, mechanisms for one-time password and two-factor authentication, and additional technical and organizational controls for prevention, investigation, and correction are among these measures

• The GDPR Journey Starts With Small Steps:

We have set up a data privacy team to create and implement a plan for complying with the new data protection regulation to maintain the same level of data security and protection throughout our company. The group is in charge of raising awareness of the GDPR, assessing our GDPR enthusiasm, determining whether there are any flaws, and continuously putting new policies, procedures, and measures into place.

In addition, we have incorporated the GDPR training course into our annual and induction training programs for employees who are responsible for our primary business functions.



We have set up a data privacy team to create and implement a plan for complying with the new data protection regulation to maintain the same level of data security and protection throughout our company. The group is in charge of raising awareness of the GDPR, assessing our GDPR enthusiasm, determining whether there are any flaws, and continuously putting new policies, procedures, and measures into place.

WeProspect.co makes no warranty as to the accuracy of the data as the data is primarily based on interviews and is therefore subject to fluctuations. WeProspect.co also takes no responsibility for incorrect information provided by manufacturers or users.

Any resale, loan, disclosure or reproduction of this publication may only be made with the prior written consent of WeProspect.co

Transmission and/or reproduction of this document by any means or in any form (including photocopying, mechanical, electronic, recording or otherwise) is prohibited without the permission of WeProspect.co

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